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Venice Aerial Mapping 2011,Acrylic/Canvas,130x150 cm.

New York Aerial View , 2011,Acrylic/canvas,100 X 100 cm.

Mexico Mapping Geometry 2012,Acrylic/canvas,73x100cm.

Tokyo At Night ,Aerial view Mapping,2012,acrylic/canvas,130X150 cm.

London Aerial Mapping ,2012,

150x180 cm Acrylic/Canvas

Toronto Aerial View Mapping,2012,40X50 cm,Acrylic/canvas

Jorge Rivas in his Pennsylvania Studio,2019 

Jorge Rivas was born in Caracas - Venezuela, in the mid-sixties, The beginnings of my artistic career initiate in my childhood and adolescence through interest in singing and dramatic art, working in Theater and TV. From there it was only one step away from my relationship with the Fine Arts. I must say that my constant visits to the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas, the National Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art, helped me explore and learn about the wonderful world of Painting.
I had the first experiences with paintings, when I dedicated myself to selling and buying works of art from Venezuelan creators. Interest that took me then to get passionate about painting and experiencing my own experiences and emotions. I decided to travel to the USA and then settle in NY, looking for my own path in the art world.
The place where the most representative artworks are, and where later I would find my artwork among many explorations and investigations.
NY has been my inspiration, its museums, its cultural and musical centers and the diversity of artistic and human genres. What we appreciate about it, its great monuments and huge skyscrapers. They are more than a constant source of inspiration and reflection. Now thirteen years have passed, of decisive dreams in the search for the artwork. Throughout this time, I have participated in several national and international exhibitions, in galleries, biennials, and fairs. A constant search that leads me to a dialogue in the field of plastic arts and where I have the true belief of being able to represent with my artistic work, a new dawn in Painting.


Jorge Rivas

Some exhibitions




Oct 4 –2018 , Cultural Center“ Juan Parra del Riego” Lima ,Solo Exhibition

June 2018, All Night Art Festival Trenton. New Jersey,


July 2017, the Other Art Fair Brooklyn,Solo Exhibition New York-USA.

April 2017, Expo New York ,Solo Exhibition

July 2016, Hoboken FAIR, cultural center. USA.

April -May 2015. Brooklyn New York-USA. 2015, Artist Run Gallery, Nars

Foundation New York-USA.

2014. Spectrum Fair Diciembre 2 - 9 con R & k Project Studios Gallery.USA.

2014. second international biennial of contemporary Art of Argentina ,

oct 2-12 Buenos Aires -Argentina.

2014. Feb- March Montserrat Gallery contemporáry Chelsea New York

2 y 10 July 2014, internacional show , Nina Torres Gallery, Miami,USA

2012. oct-dec 66 Biennial Salón Arturo Michelena, ,

Valencia Carabobo state - Venezuela.  oct 8-15-2012.

2012 July ,Pro Arts studio tour Jersey City. USA. .

2012 ,Art takes Times Square with artist-Wanted, New NY,

2011 Art Competition international . Grand Palais Art Paris. “Prize Aerial View' .Groups. Saatchi gallery, art Paris winner, .

2012. May Gallery Altamira Tennis Club. 

2011. Master of the Imagination, Ágora Gallery Nueva York.

2011. New York, Augustand September.Latin-American Show Agora Gallery 

2011. Londres Exhibition ,Art in Mind, Brick Lane Gallery Londres, August 7 - 12 .

2011. Chelsea Art Antique Center, Manhattan, New York.with Jorge Rivas Gallery 

2010. Exhibition Galería Nahman, New york, USA. 

2010. Exhibition Galería Nahman, Art Antique Center New York City USA..

2009. July 8- 22. Exhibition, internacional Fair of Miami .the Grand Hotel.













Southerm Exhibition in Latin American Art

by john dorfman

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Art Takes Times Square 2012

Art Critics  

Throughout history, maps developed because of humanity's desire to both explore and record the physical world. Originally, art was the instrument in its representations, illustration and photography presided over its configuration, being strengthened, nowadays, by new technologies, which assume the domain of the development of this required function and visualization. Jorge Rivas in Mapping - Aerial View, An aerial view seen by the artist, returns to art this power, subtracting the essence of these cartographies revealing a personal vision and restoring the pleasure and aesthetic function that it produces when we see them.

His life, the experience accumulated in his memory, sensitizes his vision of traveling through the world, thus projecting the need to show everything seen from a bird's eye, at a very high flight. The artist's maps are stripped of the photographic application and that technological halo, conferring sensitivity and the perception of an artistic appreciation.

In Mapping - Aerial View, an aerial view we look at the world from above, we fly, and we see cities through the eye of the author. The colors and shades highlight his sensitive vision represented in a degree of iconicity of perceptible characteristics abstracted in apparent motivated schemes. Belgium, Venice, Amsterdam, New York and other cities are records of the aerial views captured in his artworks, views that transfer that excitement aroused both when arriving and when saying goodbye. In the exhibition it can be seen that Jorge unveils a cartography of a modern impressionist world view.

César E. Carrión Osores















Sometimes it is convenient to step back to appreciate better what disturbs, delights or moves us. Take a distance to grasp the essential, it can be a method to understand that world that surrounds and holds us, to be immersed within its limits.

How many times has the mysterious veil that envelops megacities, archaeological sites and natural landscapes been revealed by aerial photographs? Jorge Rivas does something of that when he rises to contemplate the urban centers. His air incursion gives him an abstract vision where he is drawing realities while descending. In an intermediate point of that flight, in that limit between the enigma and the truth, each painting that Rivas has called "aerial view" is executed. The result is the series that we contemplate with initial bewilderment.

Disturbance that also manifests itself when faced with its bizarre cartography of "topographic modules": accustomed to maps elaborated with strict rules, now the world and the countries - Peru, for example - translate into radical geometric forms and universal symbols, worked with laborious color spots. Squares, circles, rectangles, crosses, stars, etc., make up a repertoire that synthesizes the orography in differentiated planes and explosive beams that start from the centrifugal force of a bright star.

Rivas uses colors with generosity, action that serves as an exorcism against the dark world that surrounds us and oppresses us. Color and geometry as weapons to reinterpret our great house. For something, the author comes from the same land that saw Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Díez and Alejandro Otero be born.


Virgilio Freddy Cabanillas D.

September 2018

Aerial Mystic Mapping,2013,Acrylic/canvas ,90x73 cm.

Aerial Mystic Mapping 2013,acrylic/canvas,90X73 cm.

Aerial Cosmic Mapping 2013,acrylic/canvas,90x73 cm.

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