Brussels Aerial Geometry Mapping,2018 Acrylic/canvas ,50 x 60 cm

Pentagram Aerial Geometry 2018,Acrylic/canvas 46x68 cm.

Washington Dc, Mapping Geometry,2018 Acrylic/canvas, 50X60 cm.

Aerial Mapping Cosmic 2018,Acrylic/canvas,50X61 cm.

Venice ,Aerial Mapping,50X61cm. Geometry,2018,Acrylic/canvas.

Mapping Aerial,2018,30X30 cm.Acrylic/canvas.

London Aerial Geometry Mapping 

2018,46x68 cm,acrylic/canvas

Madrid Aerial Geometry Mapping,2018,40X50 cm,Acrylic/Canvas

Geometry Mapping,2018,acrylic/canvas,30X30 cm.

Amsterdam Aerial Geometry Mapping.  2018,acrylic/canvas,46 X 68 cm.

Jorge Rivas and USA Mapping Mural.

Denmark Aerial Geometry Mapping 2018,Acrylic /canvas 50 x 60 cm.

Africa ,Aerial Geometry Mapping 2018,acylic/canvas,40X50cm.

South Africa ,Aerial Geometry Mapping,2018,Acrylic/Canvas,40x50cm.

Aerial Geometry Mapping 2018,Acylic/Canvas,30X30 cm .

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